About John

FWC Author Pictures 008Author and devoted bass angler, John Mark Warren, has been passionately pursuing bass for more than 35 years. Those thirty five years have been filled with challenges and triumphs, and have produced a distinctive insight into better understanding the game, and learning to fish with more confidence. John approaches the sport from a unique perspective. He highlights the common sense realities that define the sport, and exposes unavoidable truths that are often hidden behind the glamour and prestige of television.

John isn’t beholding to any sponsor, nor is he inhibited by any industry standards. Therefore his opinions and knowledge can reflect the truth of the sport without hindrance, and without obligation. His unrelenting pursuit of the truth and excellence give anglers a bold, fresh and intimate look at the sport, bringing novice and aspiring anglers to the confidence table in a new and lasting way.

John avoids the redundancy of the “tips and techniques” crowd, and endeavors to give anglers substantive tools that will unquestionably improve both their proficiency and self-confidence on the water. The surest path to both of those things is found in education, practice, commitment, and the ability to keep outcomes and abilities separate. John expertly uses the words of some of the world’s best bass anglers to illustrate both his points, and the common threads of frustration and insecurity. Then successfully builds a bridge between these destructive emotions and a more realized and useable confidence, by simply using common sense, intellectual reason and indisputable fact. In the end, that is John’s mission: Growing the sport, and having more anglers “Fishing With Confidence.”

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